Sunday, March 9, 2008

Could have been: A nudist resort near Marysville?

In 2002, a central Ohio nudist group, "Searching for Paradise", was seeking funding to buy a property somewhere between Marysville and Lancaster. They weren't able to raise enough enough cash, unfortunately, and the group has since dissolved, but just imagine… we might have had a nudist resort near Marysville! Of course, just because this group did not succeed in getting a resort going doesn't mean someone else couldn't pursue something similar.

More here at the Cincinnati Enquirer:
Nudists raising money to buy land for retreat

Where to get nude in western Ohio?

Of course many people know of some secret spot where they can go skinny-dipping or sunbathe nude, but if you want to find a place where it's 100% legal, check out the following:

For more, Ohio-area nudist imformation, see the Ohio Nudist "Homepage"

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Welcome to the Western Ohio Nudists home site!

This is a new and informal group for nudists, naturists, "home nudists" and for those who are just in the curious and interested stage. Though this is mainly intended for those in rural or "small town" western Ohio, anyone in Western Ohio is welcome to read the site or join our Yahoo and MySpace groups. Just be kind and considerate, which is, of course, a trait we midwesterners are known for.

If you know of some good places to get nude, whether at a state park, a skinny-dipping spot or other, let us know, in post comments or you can email us. Of course, if you want to keep it secret (i.e., not posted on the site), let us know, and we'll respect your wishes.

Of course there is not too much happening in the nudist world in rural western Ohio, but that could change in the future. It all starts by getting discussion going! For a good forum, join the Yahoo group. Let's get talking nudism in western Ohio!